Assigned Workflow

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Assigned workflow is sent by a Valuation Firm to notify that a Valuer has been assigned to a job and also to notify that an appointment has been made.

If an accepted workflow has not been sent previously, the job will also be accepted.

What fields are required for a Valuation Firm to send?

  • The Valuation Firm must be provided as a RelatedParty.
  • An authorised Valuer (identified by a Valuer ID) must be provided as a RelatedParty.
  • A DateOfInspection containing the scheduled appointment time is optional. As soon as this information is available, we recommend it be sent.

More details on the main workflow article.

LIXI Draft: AccessFacilitator and Mortgagee RelPartyType Changes

The LIXI draft standard has for a RelatedParty/@RelPartyType:

<xs:enumeration value='AccessFacilitator' />
<xs:enumeration value='Mortgagee' />

for our

<xs:enumeration value='Owner' />
<xs:enumeration value='Applicant' />

We will be parsing from Valuation Firms AccessFacilitator (which will map to Owner) and Mortgagee (which will map to Applicant).

To maintain backwards compatibility, we will not be rendering this information until this is out of a draft state; we will only be parsing for the time being.

Call for Testing Partners

This is currently implemented in version 1.3.9 of our LIXI schema, which is available for testing for interested Valuation Firms.

Specifying a Preferred Valuation Firm (Allocation Override in LIXI)

ValEx has a number of methods to allocate your job.


By default, ValEx looks for valuation firms who cover the area (postcode) on your panel. ValEx will allocate to one of them as you've specified in your panel setup.

If ValEx cannot find an applicable Valuation Firm, it routes the job to a holding area.

Choosing a Specific Valuation Firm

Clients that have Allocation Override enabled can specify a preferred Valuation Firm to conduct the Valuation Report.

The preferred Valuation Firm can optionally be specified in the LIXI packet by including a Valuation Firm Identifier in the RelatedPartySegment:


<!-- Select funder -->
<RelatedParty RelPartyType="ValuationFirm" RelPartyDescription="Overridden because this valfirm has been there previously">
	<Identifier Type="VPMAssigned" UniqueID="VXV-00001"/>
	<CompanyName BusinessName="Example Valuations"/>
        <!-- It is safe to leave the below optional fields blank -->
	<WorkPhone PreferredContactMethod="Yes">
			<FixedPhone AreaCode="08">81111111</FixedPhone>
			<Fax AreaCode="13">12345678</Fax>

This will ask ValEx to search for Valfirm ID 2, and if found / if it covers the area, route the request to them.

Note that the specified Valuation Firm must be on the panel for that Postcode/EMV/Service Type. A list of valid Valuation Firms can be obtained from our Panel/Fee Lookup Web Service.

To give the reason for overriding fill in the RelPartyDescription attribute.

User Story

  1. User is ready to lodge a valuation via LIXI
  2. User is presented a list of Valuation Firms that are on the panel for the given Postcode/EMV/Service Type for a given Client or Funder. This can be retrieved using our Panel/Fee Lookup Web Service.
  3. User may submit the valuation order via LIXI in one of two ways:
    • Specify which Valuation Firm on the panel is preferred to conduct the valuation, by including it in the RelatedParty section of the LIXI packet, or
    • Omit the preferred Valuation Firm and let ValEx randomly allocate which Valuation Firm on the panel will get preference to conduct the valuation as normal.

If a preferred Valuation Firm is specified, we will log only which Valuation Firm was specified and the related job number. This log can be requested by the Client for reporting purposes. updated

We've updated our test site to the next version of ValEx code. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

Funder Specific Information

In an upcoming release around February 2010, we will be sending Funder Specific Information in our LIXI packets under /ValuationTransaction/RelatedPartySegment/RelatedParty[@RelPartyType='Lender']/@RelPartyDescription

More valuation firm workflow: Attempting Contact, Appointment Cancelled

ValEx supports a number of WorkFlow events, but doesn't have a way to map "Attempting Contact" and "Appointment Cancelled".

We're looking for input on the best way to implement such functionality between us and our valuation firms.

Our suggestions are:

  • Attempting Contact: After the initial 'instructed' / 'assigned' packets, sending one of these would represent 'attempting contact' and provide notes as appropriate.
  • Appointment Cancelled: Sending an appointment workflow, and then an InProgress (without a new appointment date) would cancel an appointment

Compliance comments, LendersCaution and LendersCautionComment

A lot of our lixi valuation firm partners in regional areas often come across the situation where they have to use out of date sales evidence to support their report.

This means the report is likely to need review by out compliance department. Previously, we've automatically generated the compliance note from the valuer in these cases.

Going forward, we'll be looking at //CompletionDetails/LendersCaution and //CompletionDetails/LendersCautionComment to populate this information.

At this time, we will not be rendering this to our LIXI clients and lenders.

ValEx will support this some time around January 2010 15th February 2010.

Desktop Valuations

From December 14 2009, Valuation Exchange will commence Desktop Valuations.

Full LIXI Integration Not Supported

Although we will send a Valuation Request via LIXI and we will accept Assigned workflow, we do not accept a Final Valuation Response nor an Inspected Workflow. Valuers will be required to log into ValEx directly to complete the report.

If a final valuation response or Inspected workflow is sent to ValEx via LIXI, the following error message will be given: "An error was detected: Sorry your system does not currently have permission to update this job".

How to Recognise a Desktop Valuation

See SubTypeNote for how to discern a Desktop Valuation.

Escalations from a Desktop

In the case that a Desktop Valuation request is escalated to a Residential Short Form or a Construction Report, we will send another Valuation Request (with the same Job ID).

Large attachments implementation

We've deployed the Large File Attachment implementation to our test and production servers.

Discussions on the lixi mailing lists about this has brought us:

The full URI for the attachment should be placed into the SourceDomain
attribute of the Attachment element. The user guide comment for Source
Domain in the current schema is as follows "The SourceDomain is intended to
be a URI that identifies where the attached file might be accessed from, or
just an identifier of the owner of the document. While it is anticipated
that it will generally be a URI scheme starting with "http://" or "ftp://",
there is no requirement for this to be the case."

If there is a separate filename then that would be placed into the Filename
attribute, and this would obviate the need for a "Type" attribute. In the
example that Daniel has provided below, the URI does not list the name of
the file, rather how one retrieves it. So the XML would look like:

<Attachment SourceDomain=""
FileName="1234.jpg" />

We'll be both parsing and rendering attachments in this way, on an opt-in basis.

If you would be interesting in trialling this, please contact us.

update() Web Service

We have implemented an update() Web Service.

The update() Web Service is roughly equivalent to the functionality available via the Job Edit tab. LIXI parties (Clients and Valuation Firms) will be able to amend details such as:

  • Job address
  • Job contacts
  • New Documents
  • Purchase Price / Contract Price information