Client's Guide to ValEx Webservices

This guide describes in detail the process you need to take to order a valuation and recieve the completed valuation report using ValEx's web services.

Account Setup

See this article on account setup

Note: At the moment you will still have to use the normal ValEx interface if you want to see the in-progress status's of your jobs (i.e. accepted, assigned, inspected, delayed). However this will be implemented so you can receive updates through webservices soon

Starting Development

ValEx has a dedicated test environment located at You'll be given a username, and password; and WSDLs. The first is a simple test soap service, to check authentication works via an auth() method and provide rudimentary debugging via repeat(). The second is a fully functional end point for ordering valuations.


Some clients using .NET have difficulty connecting to us, and may find this article useful.

Getting a job quote

We provide a simple, RESTful fee lookup service if you are interested in this kind of functionality.

Ordering a valuation through ValEx

  1. First, you need to get all the information regarding the valuation and construct an XML/LIXI packet containing the Valuation Request
  2. Once you've created the XML/LIXI packet you need to validate it against the XSD available at to ensure that all the data is valid
  3. You then place the XML/Lixi Valuation Request into a soap envelope with the authentication headers(which contain your valex username and password).

    Make a soap request to our webservice at

  4. We're deprecating the codes below. We now have an option you can pass in in the soap request to get soap faults back instead of codes. These should prove to be a lot more useful.
  5. In response to your soap request we can send you a soap response - read more about success and error messages.

Receiving Completed Valuation Reports and Status updates

  1. Once the valfirm has completed the valuation report, the job gets added to the "outbound queue".
  2. After the job reaches the top of the queue, a xml/lixi packet gets created for it.
  3. A connection is made to your webservice via soap using the location of your wsdl and the xml/lixi packet is passed as an argument. The username and password you provided us for your webservices is added to the AuthHeader in the soap pack.
  4. You send us a response code of 0 if it was successful or please send back a soap fault if there was any form of error.

Soap service methods

In general, we recommend providing the methods: statusUpdate(lixi_workflow_xml), cancel(lixi_valuation_xml), response(lixi_valuation_xml). statusUpdate() is where we send appointment, inspection, and other progress updates. cancel() and response() are how we return our full valuation data and invoice to your system.

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