Pre-Valuation Status, Workflow and Construction work

We've just enabled a feature to improve our internal processes around sourcing documentation for construction jobs.

Here's the detail, and how it affects LIXI, and how it improves what we record for a Valuation Firm SLA.

Pre Valuation Status

The concept of 'Pre Valuation', is that this new status is applied to Valuation Records, when Valuation Exchange needs to perform a function on the valuation record, prior to the Valuation Firm being able to set an appointment/complete a report.

Valuations will now be directly allocated to you when the request is placed on ValEx (rather than ValEx holding the request internally until the documents are received). This will allow you to view the upcoming requests, soon to be available for you to action.

Once the Valuation is assigned, it will be 'locked' in Pre Valuation Status, until Valuation Exchange uploads the building pack for you.

Once Valuation Exchange sources and uploads the building pack, the Pre Valuation Status will be ‘completed’ and the Valuation will be ready to action and complete. Only Valuation Exchange can complete the Pre Valuation Status.


If you are a Lixi Valuation Firm, you will be sent two notifications, a message when a Valuation Request is placed that is in the Pre Valuation Status – highlighting for you that you should not action the Valuation Request until the Documents have been sourced (as this is unable to be sent through with the packet request to your VMS at this stage. You will also receive the notification once the Valuation has completed the Pre Valuation Status – giving you to go ahead to now complete the request.

SLA Reporting

When a Valuation is in Pre Valuation Status the SLA clock has not commenced, as this time is allocated to Valuation Exchange sourcing the documents. Once the Valuation Request has completed the Pre Valuation Status then the clock will commence the 48/72 hour SLA – which is reported against the Valuation Firm/Valuer for performance.

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Pre Valuation Status and Lixi request packet

How do we Identify if an incomming job is in a Pre Valuation stage when we recieve the initial Lixi packet?

So our B2B services at our Val Firms does the right thing with the job.

Yau Goh Chow


We've just added a note / DetailedComment.

After saying 'two weeks' earlier to you today, I managed to get it out today :)

An example of the pre valuation status.

We'll always send through "This job is in a prevaluation state." as part of the //ValuationTransaction/Comment

<ValuationTransaction ProductionData="Yes">
  <!-- snip -->
  <Comment>This job is in a prevaluation state.

Other valuation notes here.</Comment>

<!-- snip -->

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