Amending completed reports

We'll be implementing some changes in ValEx to help make the Mortgage Manager Query/Valuer Report Amendment Process more efficient on Monday, December 15th 2008.

We will be allowing Valuers to amend reports without having to use the ValEx Team as an intermediary. Valuers' ability to open a report for amendment is based on Client preferences.

UI Changes

Within the user interface, we'll be allowing valuers to trigger an amendment, add a quick note as to why, and basically just get out of the way for trivial things - ie, typos or missing photos.

In the short term, we'll be improving the error emails we currently generate when a LIXI valuation response reaches us; to be more informative for users - in effect, please login to the site to open your report for amendment.

As a longer term goal, we'll be allowing valuation firms to submit an amended report with an amendment reason and comment.

Web Service Changes

We will be publishing a new soap action in our test environment by December 15th.

We will update our WSDL and this article when we have published it.

It will be along the lines of:

submitAmendedValuationResponse(LIXIValuationResponse xml, int reason_id, string comment)

The first argument, xml is simply your updated valuation response packet.

The second is the reason for amending.

It is an int from 1-4; meaning:

  1. Typing Error - Spelling, unwanted formatting
  2. Supporting documentation missing - Photos not in report, Title searches missing.
  3. Report query - Non value - General amendment, more information needed
  4. Report query - Value - Provide additional comparable sales to support a higher value.

Last is a comment of 5 words or more explaining why the report needs amending.