Lodging valuation queries for Clients

We've implemented in ValEx the ability for client to lodge post valuation queries.

Webservice changes

We have be published a new soap action in our production environment.

You can view the WSDL documentation:

requestValuationQuery(LIXIValuationResponse xml, int reason_id, string comment)

The first argument, xml is simply your updated valuation response packet.

The second is the reason for amending.

It is an int from 1-4; meaning:

  1. Non value query - Typing error
  2. Non value query - Insufficient documents (valfirm)
  3. Non value query - Other
  4. Value Query
  5. ValEx Dispute Review
  6. Non value query - Address/Title
  7. Non value query - Comments
  8. Non value query - Comparable sales
  9. Non value query - Counter signatory
  10. Non value query - Photos
  11. Non value query - Insufficient documents (client)

Next is a comment of 5 words or more explaining why the report needs amending.

ValEx user interface

See also

Queries and Amendments

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