Email headers

Some things just don't fit into LIXI. ValEx also produces a multitude more emails and other notifications that it does via webservices.

A quick and easy way to route / attach communications from ValEx to your system may be to look at our mail headings.

Typical emails produced by ValEx render information like:

X-ValEx-JobID: 1244566
X-ValEx-ValfirmID: 119
X-ValEx-ValuerID: 1009
X-ValEx-Valuer: Office Valuer
X-ValEx-Valfirm: Example Valfirm
X-ValEx-UserID: 50348
X-ValEx-ClientID: 1234
X-ValEx-ServiceID: 23
X-ValEx-Service: Const. Short Form
X-ValEx-FunderID: 0
X-ValEx-Realm: valfirm

We've found this helpful for routing the massive amounts of email from inbox to inbox, as well as embedding relevant metadata.

If you are interested in this kind of thing, let us know.