How do I validate my lixi xml?

You need:

  • XMLSpy
  • The xml you wish to validate.
  • The xml should point to a copy of the latest XSD; in the root node of the document.
    For example:

    <ValuationTransaction xmlns:xsi=""


  1. Goto the XML menu
  2. Choose validate

You will either be presented with one of two results - XML is not well formed (and a list of errors), or XML is valid.

Most common errors

If you've got an error you don't know how to resolve, let us know, and we'll pop it up here.

Why do I need to validate?

In short, if your xml can't be understood by our system we can't process it. We validate all incoming lixi information; and reject anything invalid.

Should I get this built in to my software?

By all means, please do! A quick google search can help you find examples on how to do this in your language.

By building in XSD validation before you send us any information; you can be assured that we'll have no trouble understanding and extracting the information we need.

Have a read of our article on XSD validation for more.

I don't have/can't get XMLSpy

We've built a limited XSD validation tool. You'll need to login with your valex username and password.