Large attachments implementation

We've deployed the Large File Attachment implementation to our test and production servers.

Discussions on the lixi mailing lists about this has brought us:

The full URI for the attachment should be placed into the SourceDomain
attribute of the Attachment element. The user guide comment for Source
Domain in the current schema is as follows "The SourceDomain is intended to
be a URI that identifies where the attached file might be accessed from, or
just an identifier of the owner of the document. While it is anticipated
that it will generally be a URI scheme starting with "http://" or "ftp://",
there is no requirement for this to be the case."

If there is a separate filename then that would be placed into the Filename
attribute, and this would obviate the need for a "Type" attribute. In the
example that Daniel has provided below, the URI does not list the name of
the file, rather how one retrieves it. So the XML would look like:

<Attachment SourceDomain=""
FileName="1234.jpg" />

We'll be both parsing and rendering attachments in this way, on an opt-in basis.

If you would be interesting in trialling this, please contact us.