Desktop Valuations

From December 14 2009, Valuation Exchange will commence Desktop Valuations.

Full LIXI Integration Not Supported

Although we will send a Valuation Request via LIXI and we will accept Assigned workflow, we do not accept a Final Valuation Response nor an Inspected Workflow. Valuers will be required to log into ValEx directly to complete the report.

If a final valuation response or Inspected workflow is sent to ValEx via LIXI, the following error message will be given: "An error was detected: Sorry your system does not currently have permission to update this job".

How to Recognise a Desktop Valuation

See SubTypeNote for how to discern a Desktop Valuation.

Escalations from a Desktop

In the case that a Desktop Valuation request is escalated to a Residential Short Form or a Construction Report, we will send another Valuation Request (with the same Job ID).