Specifying a Preferred Valuation Firm (Allocation Override in LIXI)

ValEx has a number of methods to allocate your job.


By default, ValEx looks for valuation firms who cover the area (postcode) on your panel. ValEx will allocate to one of them as you've specified in your panel setup.

If ValEx cannot find an applicable Valuation Firm, it routes the job to a holding area.

Choosing a Specific Valuation Firm

Clients that have Allocation Override enabled can specify a preferred Valuation Firm to conduct the Valuation Report.

The preferred Valuation Firm can optionally be specified in the LIXI packet by including a Valuation Firm Identifier in the RelatedPartySegment:


<!-- Select funder -->
<RelatedParty RelPartyType="ValuationFirm" RelPartyDescription="Overridden because this valfirm has been there previously">
	<Identifier Type="VPMAssigned" UniqueID="VXV-00001"/>
	<CompanyName BusinessName="Example Valuations"/>
        <!-- It is safe to leave the below optional fields blank -->
	<WorkPhone PreferredContactMethod="Yes">
			<FixedPhone AreaCode="08">81111111</FixedPhone>
			<Fax AreaCode="13">12345678</Fax>

This will ask ValEx to search for Valfirm ID 2, and if found / if it covers the area, route the request to them.

Note that the specified Valuation Firm must be on the panel for that Postcode/EMV/Service Type. A list of valid Valuation Firms can be obtained from our Panel/Fee Lookup Web Service.

To give the reason for overriding fill in the RelPartyDescription attribute.

User Story

  1. User is ready to lodge a valuation via LIXI
  2. User is presented a list of Valuation Firms that are on the panel for the given Postcode/EMV/Service Type for a given Client or Funder. This can be retrieved using our Panel/Fee Lookup Web Service.
  3. User may submit the valuation order via LIXI in one of two ways:
    • Specify which Valuation Firm on the panel is preferred to conduct the valuation, by including it in the RelatedParty section of the LIXI packet, or
    • Omit the preferred Valuation Firm and let ValEx randomly allocate which Valuation Firm on the panel will get preference to conduct the valuation as normal.

If a preferred Valuation Firm is specified, we will log only which Valuation Firm was specified and the related job number. This log can be requested by the Client for reporting purposes.