LIXI Draft: AccessFacilitator and Mortgagee RelPartyType Changes

The LIXI draft standard has for a RelatedParty/@RelPartyType:

<xs:enumeration value='AccessFacilitator' />
<xs:enumeration value='Mortgagee' />

for our

<xs:enumeration value='Owner' />
<xs:enumeration value='Applicant' />

We will be parsing from Valuation Firms AccessFacilitator (which will map to Owner) and Mortgagee (which will map to Applicant).

To maintain backwards compatibility, we will not be rendering this information until this is out of a draft state; we will only be parsing for the time being.

Call for Testing Partners

This is currently implemented in version 1.3.9 of our LIXI schema, which is available for testing for interested Valuation Firms.