Selecting Authorising Signatures and Valuers on Reports

We've implemented support for parsing authorising signatures from the LIXI response as of March 15th, 2010.

An authorising valuer (also known as a co-signatory) is a qualified valuer who can authorise a report.

There are many different scenarios in which a signature is required; which aren't covered here.

ValEx has some authorising signatures configured on a valuation firm level, with a number of defaults set up.

To override these, in your LIXI response; submit a new related party as below.

<RelatedParty RelPartyType="AuthorisingValuer">
  <Identifier UniqueId="VXA-12345" type="VPMAssigned"> 

Very importantly, the @RelPartyType must be AuthorisingValuer, and you must provide a correct Identifier.

To obtain the list of identifiers for your valuation firm....

  1. Login to valfirm realm
  2. Management
  3. Company details
  4. Report tab
  5. Overview
  6. Export CSV

At this time, you can only choose from configured valuers within the ValEx system. If you need to add additional authorising valuers, please contact ValEx's Valfirm Relationship Manager.