Response Codes and Soap Faults

Valuation Exchange initially designed our soap connectivity to make use of a number of response codes.

Time has shown us that this is simply a bad idea - the codes are uninformative, and it makes it harder to understand issues at both ends of a connection.

As a result, we'll be deprecating the use of response codes as of July 1st 2010.

Indicating success

Returning a '0' is still the preferred indication of a successful webservices call; and is the easiest for us to parse.

Raising Errors

We strongly encourage integration partners to simply raise a SoapFault (php, .NET, Java) with the appropriate error strings.

This allows both parties to see informative error or even backtrace information; and more quickly resolve problems.

Handling Errors

ValEx raises SoapFaults when an error is encountered. The only exception is when parsing responses - our queuing system processes the majority of business logic asynchronously. In these instances, we'll incidate a success on the original soap operation, but generate a failure email later.

We'll be looking to further improve this behaviour at a later date, with tools like our compliance web service.

The types of error messages you will see are covered in our article on common errors.

Response codes

This style of interaction is deprecated

Code Description
0 Transaction successful

You recieved the valuation request successfully with no errors

2 Access denied
When sending the valuation request, a combination of the username and password was incorrect.
3 Permission denied

Although the username and password was correct, the username that had authenticated did not have permission to submit a valuation.

4 Invalid XML
The XML that was delivered was invalid, i.e. it was not well-formed.
5 Valuation message did not validate against schema
When you validated the incoming message against the XSD, the validation failed.
6 System Unavailable
Your system is not avaliable and can't accept valuation requests at this time.


Sample response

A successful response.