Important change: Zoning

ValEx forked the 1.3 LIXI standard to allow more flexibility when specifying zoning information.

The standard allows several enumerations and an @OtherDescription attribute - something we overlooked initially.


         <xs:attribute name='ZoningType'>
               <xs:restriction base='xs:NMTOKEN'>
                        <xs:enumeration value='Residential' />
                        <xs:enumeration value='Commercial' />
                        <xs:enumeration value='CommercialResidential' />
                        <xs:enumeration value='Rural' />
                        <xs:enumeration value='RuralResidential' />
                        <xs:enumeration value='ShortStayAccommodation' />
                        <xs:enumeration value='Urban' />
                        <xs:enumeration value='Other' />

      <xs:attribute name='OtherDescription' type='xs:string' />


We currently parse @ZoningType for the correct text to render. As of 4th July 2010, we'll be looking at @ZoningType first, then overwriting that information if @OtherDescription is populated.

At a later point (Our 1.4 XSD), we will enforce the original zoning restrictions.