Receiving a Copy of the Final Valuation Response After Submitting to the Client (for Valuation Firms)

Note: This is not for Clients! This is for Valuation Firms!

We support sending a copy of the final valuation response that is sent to the client to the valuation firm.

The implementation is a simple as adding a response(xs:string lixi_valuation_xml) to your SOAP server. We then need to implement this in your SOAP Client in ValEx (ValEx has a separate SOAP client per each Valuation Firm Integration Partner) and schedule time for testing.

The LIXI message will be similar (but not the same) as you send back to us. Basically, the response will be an interpretation of your response, which is a standard LIXI message (not a workflow). All ValEx identifiers will be in their usual locations.

If you want an example of the LIXI message that is sent, log into ValEx and check the Queue Log for any completed LIXI job. You should look for a response sent to the valfirm (we queue the LIXI message even if we do not support actually sending it).

Due to the queue system, the response may be delayed by up to 10 minutes on average.