LIXI Queue Log

Within ValEx, we have a LIXI Queue Log. This can be useful for debugging LIXI issues.

To access the Queue Log, simply log into ValEx, open a job record, and click on the Queue Log icon in the upper right-hand corner.

This is an explanation of some of the less obvious information:

Queue This can be inbound from client to valex, outbound from valex to valfirm, inbound from valfirm to valex, or outbound from valex to client.
Method This can be soap-lixi, or email-pdf (usually you should only be concerned with soap-lixi).
Packet Type This can be a request, workflow, or response

You can download the following files:

  • Raw: The raw SOAP Request
  • Payload: The LIXI Message sent in the SOAP Request
  • Response: The raw SOAP Response