We have created a ValEx namespace to escape LIXI limitations.

The first feature of this namespace enables valuation firms to specify a delay reason ID that relates directly to how delay reasons are modeled within ValEx.

If the vx:Delay node is supplied, then it will be used in favour of standard LIXI Workflow/@DelayReason.

An example follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <-- LIXI Standard Content here -->
                <vx:Delay ReasonID="4">
                    <vx:Comment>Unit test delay comment</vx:Comment>

Delay reasons are:

ID	Reason
4	Next visit to Location
9	Request is Outside of Lender policy
13	Inspection Contacting Issues
14	Access Issues
15	Property Identification
16	Insufficient Documentation (Client/Lender/Broker to Provide)
17	Other
18	Cancellation Request
19	Request to Change Service Type
20	Fee Approval
22	Request to Change Service Type and Higher Fee Approval