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New Zealand Addresses

LIXI is an Australian standard; with concepts of 'state' and 'suburb' built in at a fundamental level.

In Australia, the geographical/political divisions are:

  • Country
  • State
  • Local Government Area
  • Suburb

with each entity contained within the borders of its next level up. Only Suburb, Postcode, State & Country are commonly used in addresses.

New Zealand is a more complicated entity, consisting of:

  • Country
  • Region/Regional Council
  • Territorial Authority
  • Suburb

with some combined concepts of "Unitary Authority" (both a region and a territorial authority).

Typically only Suburb, Postcode, Territorial Authority/Unitary Authority & Country are used in addresses.

To support this, ValEx renders the below structure:

<Location PropertyIdentification="NZ-1554515">
    <Street Type="Place">Test</Street>
    <!-- Suburb -->
    <City>Unsworth Heights</City>
    <!-- Territorial Authority -->
    <State Name="Other" OtherDescription="North Shore City" />
    <!-- Auckland Region is implied -->

For Unitary Authorities, ValEx models a Territorial Authority linked to a Region, each having the same name.

There are Gisborne District, Nelson City, Tasman District, Marlborough District, and Auckland Council.

Chatham Islands Council is not modelled at this stage.

Regions are modelled along geographic features such as major drainage divides, and Territorial Authorities are based on populations. As such, a Territorial Authority can exist in more than one Region - Taupo District for instance exists in 4 regions.



Territorial Authority




Regions in New Zealand

See wikipedia for a full list.

Public holidays in New Zealand

At this stage, public holidays are not modelled for individual regions of new zealand - only national holidays are recorded.

Area specific public holidays are associated with provinces or other geographical constraints which are distinct from Suburb/Territorial Authority/Region.

Service Types / Products

As of January 2012, only Long Form reports and EVR are generally supported. This is because Short Form are based on the Australian Property Institute's PropertyPro format, which obviously is not suitable for New Zealand.