Commercial Valuations

Valuation Exchange will shortly be commencing commercial and agri valuations for one of the major banks in Australia. If your firm conducts commercial or agri valuations, we would require you to accept the following new FullRegistered Service Types:

  • Commercial Long Form
  • Rural Long Form

See ValSubType and SubTypeNote Service Mappings for more information on how to determine the service type from LIXI.

The following fields will be for Commercial Short Forms:

Value Tab

Report Field LIXI Mapping (XPath)
Interest Valued //FullRegistered/@InterestInProperty
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Options: Fee Simple Vacant Possession and Subject to Lease.

Value Component //MarketValueAsIfComplete/Description
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Options: Existing Property or On Completion

Occupancy //vx:Job/vx:Report/vx:Value/@Occupancy
Options: Owner Occupied, Vacant, Leased: Single Tenancy, Leased: Multiple Tenancy.

Market Value //ValueComponent/MarketValueAsIfComplete[@Type="SinglePoint"] /@ValueCeiling
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Capitalisation Rate //vx:Job/vx:Report/vx:Value/@CapitalisationRate

Rental Income Rental income value is one of:
//vx:Job/vx:Report/vx:Value/@GrossAnnualRentalIncome, or //vx:Job/vx:Report/vx:Value/@NetAnnualRentalIncome
Imputed or actual:
//vx:Job/vx:Report/vx:Value/@AnnualRentalIncomeValueIsImputed = Yes|No

GST GST value applied to the property is:
GST amount is exclusive, inclusive, or n/a: //vx:Job/vx:Report/vx:Value/@GSTTypeAppliedToProperty = Exclusive|Inclusive|NotApplicable

Summary Tab

Report Field LIXI Mapping (XPath)
Property Type //vx:Job/vx:Property/@Type
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Site Area //PropertyCharacteristics/@SiteArea

Building Area //RealEstate/@FloorArea

Report Integrity Tab

Please refer to Valuation Risk Alerts (VRA) for the Report Integrity Tab.