TitleSearched vs TitleSighted

The ValEx system was designed some time ago based on a version of Property Pro available at the time as a representation of the valuation standards.
Since then; the API Valuation Standards guidelines have been updated in a few simple areas.

One of these is the question “Has the title search been sighted?” replacing “Title searched?”

ValEx will be updating its user interface & output reports; as well as it’s LIXI parsing...

Instead of looking at:

//SiteDetailResponse[@TitleSearched] (Yes/No)

ValEx will look at:
//SiteDetailResponse[@TitleSighted] (Yes/No)

We are asking all LIXI valuation firms to investigate their current user interfaces and LIXI rendering behavior; to confirm that

  • The question is worded as per the API Valuation Standards
  • Both fields are populated with a yes/no dependent on the valuer input
  • This will allow ValEx to swap the basis LIXI parsing in regards to this area with no disruption to your end users.

    ValEx will be making the change during August 2011