Inbound Provide Quote

provideQuote() is a SOAP operation that may be optionally implemented as part of our LIXI Quote Process.

If the valuation firm decides to provide a quote, the following SOAP operation should be called:

int provideQuote(string valuationMessage)

We parse required data from the following locations in the LIXI workflow message (valuationMessage).

  • Quote comments: //WorkFlow[@Type="FeeNegotiation" and @FeeNegotiationStatus="Requested"]/Comment
  • Fee amount: //WorkFlow[@Type="FeeNegotiation" and @FeeNegotiationStatus="Requested"]/@NewFeeAmount

    This amount should exclude GST.

  • We will parse the estimated turnaround time (in days) as:

    //WorkFlow[@Type="FeeNegotiation" and @FeeNegotiationStatus="Requested"]/ExpectedValuationDate/Date subtracted by /ValuationTransaction/Date

    (This is basically, "now" minus expected date.)

We also expect:

  • ValEx VXJ Identifier (VPMAssigned)
  • ValuationTransaction/Message/MessageBody/Status/@Name = Inquiring
  • //Workflow[@Type="FeeNegotiation"]/@FeeNegotiationStatus = Rejected