Documentation and Communication Path

To allow valuation firms to retrieve client settings for a particular valuation we’ll be adding a new soap method to return settings specific to a particular valuation:


We’d recommend you ping this at certain points during the valuation cycle. At least when the request is first ordered, but we would also recommend looking to update as the valuer starts typing their report.

The first two settings we’ll be adding to this are the communication path, and documentation path.

These will be available via the following XPath in the response returned from ValEx:

which can be either “Client” or “ValEx”, and

which can be either “Client” or “ValEx” or “Valfirm”

We will not be providing a schema at this time to ensure we can add additional settings without all firms needing to update at once.
We would like firms to simply use XPath to look up the nodes they need as we will be looking to add new nodes on a semi regular basis.

Example below: