Report Generation Flag

If a Valfirm does want ValEx to generate the Report, this can be identified by providing the GenerateReport flag. When not supplied, ValEx will default “No” (ValEx will not generate a Report).  When supplied ensure that no uploaded report is included as a document in the XML.

XPATH: /ValuationTransaction/vx:Job/@GenerateReport

<vx:Job GenerateReport="Yes"> 	<vx:Lease CurrentlyLeased="Yes" LeaseType="Standard" LeaseSignted="Yes" 	Term="6 months" CommencementDate="01/01/2014" ExpiryDate="01/06/2014" 	CurrentWeeklyRental="300" CurrentAnnualRental="16200" 	ReviewMechanism="Review mechanism comment…" 	LeaseImpactOnMarketability="Impact on marketability comment..." 	PertinentOrOnerousFacts="Pertinent or onerous facts comment..."/> </vx:Job>