Short Form XML - Value Tab

Value Tab

This page outlines LIXI fields and their corresponding mappings to a report within the Property Services Gateway (PSG).  Please note, fields will be required/hidden based on the report type used.  Although not documented here, you can see which fields are required for a specific report by opening that report in the PSG's test environment and seeing which fields appear under the corresponding tab.

Field XPath Expected Data ValEx UI Input
Interest Valued /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/@InterestInProperty

Enumerated Type: CrownLeasehold / FeeSimpleInPossession / ACTLeasehold, LeaseholdInterest / Lessors / Lessees / SharesInCompany / SubjectToLongTermLease / Timeshare / UnitsInTrust / Other

Value Component /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/ValueComponent/MarketValueAsIfComplete/Description Field defaults to “Existing Property” unless “As If Complete” is supplied in the description Dropdown
Expected Selling Period /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/ValueComponent/@ExpectedSellingPeriodInMonths Enumerated Type: 0-2/3-6/Over6 Dropdown
Land Value /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/ValueComponent/@LandValue Numeric Currency
Improvements Value /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/ValueComponent/@ImprovementsValue Numeric Currency
Market Value NA This is the sum of Land Value and Improvements Value  Currency
Recommendation /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/ValueComponent/@RequiresRecommendation Enumerated Type: Yes/No Dropdown
Recommendation Reason /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/ValueComponent/@RecommendationReason String (free text) Text Field
Rental (Unfurnished) /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/ValueComponent/@LikelyWeeklyUnfRental

Two amounts separated by a hyphen ‘-‘ ie 300-400
A single amount ie 300
If left blank ‘Per week’ will change to ‘Not suitable for rent’

Insurance Assessment /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/ValueComponent/@InsuranceAssessment

For TBE Unit and Unit report types, this field can either be String (free text) or Number

Indicative Market From /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/ValueComponent/MarketValueAsIfComplete/@ValueFloor Number Currency
Indicative Market To /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/ValueComponent/MarketValueAsIfComplete/@ValueCeiling Number Currency