Interest in property (Interest Valued)

In the 1.3.2 schema we have InterestInProperty defined as a string. As of 1.3.3 we'll be reverting this closer to lixi standard:

<xs:attribute name="InterestInProperty">
        <xs:restriction base="xs:NMTOKEN">
            <xs:enumeration value="FeeSimpleInPossession" />
            <xs:enumeration value="Lessors" />
            <xs:enumeration value="Lessees" />
            <xs:enumeration value="SharesInCompany" />
            <xs:enumeration value="Timeshare" />
            <xs:enumeration value="UnitsInTrust" />
            <xs:enumeration value="CrownLeasehold" />
            <xs:enumeration value="SubjectToLongTermLease" />
            <xs:enumeration value="Other" />

The default for most properties is FeeSimpleInPossession. Since we can't map 'Other' to anything, we assume FeeSimpleVacantPossession.

This maps to the Interest Valued field on the Summary tab.

We support the following values:

  • FeeSimpleInPossession
  • SharesInCompany
  • CrownLeasehold
  • SubjectToLongTermLease
  • ACTLeasehold
  • LeaseholdInterest