Loan Information

In schema 1.3.4 we're adding a new node, called Loan. We will be using this to send Loan information for AVM and Desktop Valuations. It is also where we'd expect to capture this information from clients.

Loan will go just under Full Registered /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/Loan

Note this information will not be rendered out on Full Valuations.

Also we've added three new service types (ValSubType):
1) "AVM" - An Automatic Valuation
2) "Desktop Valuation" - A desktop valuation

The new schema is attached to this document; and will be published to our production environment shortly.

We would expect these changes not to affect the majority of valfirms or clients, as we'll never render them to clients, nor to valfirms unless doing a Desktop or AVM valuation. Hence we won't break any schema validation.

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