Panel/Fee Lookup Web Service

Some of our clients have asked for us to provide a Panel/Fee Lookup Web Service (abbreviated P/FLWS).

We've implemented a (non SOAP) working draft. It will allow you to post in the following fields and get back the valfirms and fees for that suburb. This is a Web Service implementation of our existing Fee Lookup tool within ValEx, which is available under Order Valuation -> Fee Lookup.

We now accept Land Area information of the property to decide whether the Rural Residential Fees applies or not. One extra parameter has been added to the Fee-Lookup webservice, which is non-mandatory.



  • username - Your Valex username (HTTP POST only) (string)
  • password - Your Valex password (HTTP POST only) (string)
  • postcode - A valid Australian postcode (int)
  • suburb_name - A valid Australian suburb name (string)
  • serv_id - A Valex Service ID (int)
  • estimate - Owners Estimated Value (int)
  • funder_id - A Funder identifier in ValEx (optional) (int)
  • land_area - Land area (SQM) (optional - useful for determining if a Rural Residential Fee should apply)

Service Identifiers

  • 5 - Kerbside Assessment
  • 9 - Residential Long Form
  • 10 - Residential ShortForm

Funder Identifiers

Clients with a relationship to a known Funder in ValEx can request a list of Funder names and Identifiers from us.

How does it work?


Simply submit a request, building up a URL like below:

Make sure you provide your username / password over HTTP POST, to ensure these are kept secure.


You'll get back some XML, like below.

    <!-- See for documentation -->
        <valfirm id="VXV-4" name="Megaw &amp; Hogg - Melbourne" />
        <valfirm id="VXV-298" name="Preston Rowe Paterson Melbourne" />
        <fee amount="175.00" description="Valuation Fee" name="ValuationFee" />


For any errors, you'll simply get an error node with a string, and a HTTP 505 response code:

<error>Suburb not found, is it in the Australia post database?</error>

An Example Client (PHP)


Example Client (Java)


Example Client (Objective-C, iPhone)


More Reading

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