Cancellation requests & Cancellations


You can request a job cancellation via webservices. At the moment this notifies a Valex staff member of your request to cancel the job, it doesn't automatically cancel the job.

For a cancellation request we need the same Lender/Broker assigned unique identifier as the original request, a status of "Cancelled", and a comment in a message annotation node.

There's an example cancellation request attached.

Valuation Firms

ValEx can send cancellation confirmations through to your valuation firm.

Essentially, we just need a web service method named cancel(xml, reason_id, comments), and we'll submit a cancellation confirmation packet to it.

For a first step, we generally suggest you simply generate an email to your administration staff and valuers to review and update the record.

If you want something a bit more streamlined, you can also build in automatic cancellation for jobs which do not have an appointment or are currently delayed - in most cases, it is entirely safe to do this. We strongly recommend you talk with your valuation staff before doing this, however!

Cancellation Pending/Requested

The client can request a cancellation within the User Interface.

This does not cancel the job immediately, but allows a period of fee negotiation to take place - for instance, the valuer has inspected the property and requires some payment; perhaps not the entire valuation fee.

We do have a number of email and SMS notifications which we will send to the valuation firm and valuer; to prompt them to engage ValEx.

We have also implemented the corresponding webservices on our valuation firm endpoint. For this, you will need to implement a cancellationRequest(string xml, int reason_id, string comments).

Once the cancellation request is received, ValEx will either: send a cancellation packet (if the cancellation is confirmed), or it will simply proceed with the valuation if the cancellation doesn't proceed.

Cancellation ID Mapping

1 Duplicate Request
2 Access Declined by Customer/Tenant
3 Request is outside ValEx Agreements
4 Requested Information not Supplied by Bank/Customer
5 Bank Cancelled Valuation
6 Lender exclusions

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