Rejecting / Declining jobs via LIXI

Sometimes your Valuation Firm is just too busy to accept a job. ValEx models this process via the Declined workflow.

We'd love to see more Valuation Firms implement this, as it can be a handy timesaver - no more logging into two systems.

We're mainly interested in receiving:

A reason for rejecting - which must be one of the following:

  • DoNotConductValuationsForClient
  • DoNotCoverPostcode
  • InsufficientFeeForLocality
  • InsufficientFeeForValuationWouldConductFor
  • Capacity
  • ConflictOfInterest


A supporting comment for the rejection:

For instance, "Valuation Firm is currently too busy"


Take a look at the sample xml.

Rejecting a Valuation Request based on Fee for Localtity

If "InsufficientFeeForLocalityWouldConductFor” is selected as the rejection reason a second field can be passed in for the dollar amount of what the valuation would be done for:

             <vx:Declined ReasonCode="InsufficientFeeForLocalityWouldConductFor" Amount="250" />

XPath of the amount: