Building Modification Details

We can now capture the BuildingModification fields from the packet if the report type is TBE-Dwelling or TBE-Unit.

LIXI Mappings

Field XPath
Tender Date //BuildingModification/ContractDate/Date
Tender Price //BuildingModification/@TenderPrice - as a double or omitted (even though it says xs:string)
Check Cost //BuildingModification/Description
TBE Builder //BuildingModification/@RelatedEntityRef (Add a RelatedParty)

* We do not parse Check Cost from BuildingModification/@CheckCost, because it is an enumerated Yes|No type. As a workaround, we parse from BuildingModification/Description.

** BuildingModification/@Type should be set to ToBeErected.



<BuildingModification Type="ToBeErected" TenderPrice="500000">         <Identifier UniqueID="Dummy_Value"/>         <Description>750/sqm</Description> 	<RelatedEntityRef RelatedID="TestBuilderId-12345"/> 	<ContractDate><Date>2007-12-05</Date></ContractDate> </BuildingModification>

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Monetary Figure for CheckCost


Is it possible to have a monetary figure for CheckCost?

R. K. Wijayaratne
Technical Team Lead
WBP Property Group

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Other Informaiton about Building Mods

How do we add a Dollar per Squared Meter value??

How do we add a Builder??

A suggestion on how to handle the builders.
Could we put a reference to a RelatedEntity in
//BuildingModification//RelatedEntityRef ??

Then in the ReleatedPartySegment we can put a RelatedParty, with the builder's details in it.

Yau Goh Chow

Builder details

That actually sounds like a pretty good idea.

If you provided us with a sample packet, we'll certainly make that the recommended way to do it with ValEx.


<BuildingModification Type="ToBeErected" TenderPrice="500000" CheckCost="Yes">
   <RelatedEntityRef RelatedID="SOME BUILDER ID VALUE" />



(typical valution Related Parties : Valex's details, Val firms's details, client's detail, valuer's detils etc.
   <RelatedParty RelPartyType="Builder">
      <Identifier UniqueID="SOME BUILDER ID VALUE" Type="ValfirmAssigned" />
      <CompanyName BusinessName="Name of the Builder" />

So /ValuationTransaction/Message/ValuationType/FullRegistered/BuildingModification/RelatedEntityRef/@RelatedID needs to Match some Related Party's Identifier/@UniqueID

And the Company node of that Related Pary contains the name of the builder.

Yau Goh Chow

Builder Name and Check Cost

We will be implementing Builder Name (in the RelatedPartySegment as above) around October 31st 2008. We will be contacting valfirms for testing by that date.

There will also be a change to Check Cost. Since LIXI defines CheckCost as an enumeration of Yes/No, we will be parsing from TenderPrice instead. We are open to alternatives and have raised the issue with LIXI. We may also be changing our UI to allow a value per square metre.

What about if a Tender Pice and Check cost is needed???

So if your expecting us to send the Check Cost via the TenderPrice field, how are we suppose the send the Tender Price for the job?

I think the only way to solve this problem is that a new field needs to be added to the schema to allow for the CheckCost field as a price value, which is a rate per square meter.

As a workaround until the schema is updated, how about entering the CheckCost via the Description element? But if a Description is needed for some reason then i guess we have to be smart about how the data is formatted in the Description element.

A suggestion for the Description field with a CheckCost:
CheckCost : 2000
Some description about what is heppening goes here.

So when Valex receives the job, you guys need to be smart about parsing the Description node to pickup the Check Cost value and separate it from the description. Then you can put the Check Cost rate where you need to put it, and put the description about the building modification where you need to put it.

Yau Goh Chow

We now populate Check Cost

We now populate Check Cost from BuildingModification/Description, which was previously unused by ValEx.

This has been rolled out to our test site.

Is this used?

Hi everyone,

Has this been implemented and is it available on live?

Thank you,


Yes, this is available on LIVE

Yes, this is available on live now.

Original thoughts after

Original thoughts after discussion with valuers: it is very rare that the tender price is different from the contract price - so we'd assume contract price was the tender price, and have a workable solution for 95% of jobs.

Paul mentioned to me the desire to keep the fields distinct, so we'll take a look at just modifying the schema for this case (with discussions involving LIXI valuation group, of course).

Link of relevance

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