Earlier sale of Subject Property

In a valuation lifecycle, there are two distinct phases. The first in the valuation request; provided by the customer, who is rendering an estimated value on some basis - like a Contract amount.

The other is the valuation response, completed by the valuer.

Where a contract of sale is provided, the //RecentSale@SalePrice should generally be equal to, but not the same field as the //EstimatedValue figure.

Scenarios where this may differ? The valuer has found an updated contract of sale which is different to what the customer provided.


ValEx expects to find //SalesMarket nodes for FullRegistered and other shortform related valuations.

We require:



Which is equivalent to the Sales Evidence tab in ValEx itself.

Important to remember:
//SalesMarket/MultiTierMarketComment is required when you specify //SalesMarket[@MultiTierMarket="Yes"]

Report Integrity

ValEx is looking to ask more questions around the contract of sale, you can read more in the main article