Identifiers from ValEx for RelatedParties and others

ValEx has a number of identifiers it uses in the //RelatedPartySegment/RelatedParty/Identifier section.

The most common ones you will encounter are:

VXV-001234: A valfirm ID, representing a Valuation Firm
VXF-001234: A funder ID, representing a Funder organization
VXCL-001234: A client ID, representing a Client/Mortgage Manager organization
VXVLR-000012: A valuer ID, representing the Valuer completing the valuation report
VXA-000012: An authorising valuer ID, representing a valuer who is an authorising signatory for the valuation report
VXJ-000000001234: A job ID, representing the process of a Valuation in ValEx

We strongly encourage implementers to avoid using raw strings like company name.

As an example, if person is married or a company acquired, this can break the existing functionality quite easily.

It is also worth noting that we tend to parse things which are //Identifier[@Type="VPMAssigned"]


ValEx renders an identifier from

This is found in //RealEstate/Identifier[@Description="RP ID" AND @Type="VPMAssigned"]/@UniqueID when it is available.