Common errors and error messages

Connection Errors (SOAP)
Either end of the systems is unavailable - you can't connect to anything.

The people to fix it are usually IT.

"Missing" information transferring from your system to ValEx
Usually this is going to happen because of:

  • There's something about this property which is extra / different from the large majority of others
  • The valuer wasn't required to fill it out at your end, but ValEx wanted them to
  • ValEx IT broke something
  • There was some client requirement which wasn't clear at your end (see previous).

The quickest way to fix the majority of these is to log in to ValEx itself and see what fields are missing.

For instance, if your valuers know they filled it in in your system and it didn't come across, raise it with both IT departments. Putting in a job note (valex system) doesn't hurt either.
Or if it's a case of the valuer put in something quite sensible at your end and we've put it in a different/confusing place; certainly raise it with both IT departments.
We'll get actual valuers who know what's going on at either end to guide us to the correct outcome.

Information that is correct, but in the wrong order
Sometimes jobs can be reassigned, cancelled, assigned to a valuer twice, or completed and more information is sent - ValEx will usually give you a bit of an error if it notices this.

A valuer is already assigned, can't go back to an accepted state
ValEx models "I want to do this job" and assigning a valuer as the same event - other systems don't.

To work around that, when you accept a job, we assign it to a valuer named "Office Valuer".
If you try to accept a job twice; the system gives you an error - you've already got it assigned to you.

Job is not allocated to your valfirm, please contact ValEx Team for further information
Someone has reassigned the job to another valuation firm - they should have also given you a phone call or email beforehand.

Valuer Not Found
ValEx couldn't find the right valuer identifier, so it tried looking up by name, email and phone number.
It still couldn't work out which valuer you wanted.

To fix:
Use the Valuer CSV export feature to get the right Valuer ID (

Unable to change job because of existing state:
This job is currently in a state where you can't perform the action on it.

For instance, the job is marked as complete, so you can't further alter the details (Fix: Contact ValEx to lodge a post valuation query / amend the report)
Or the job is marked as 'logged', and you haven't accepted it / assigned a valuer.

You need to put some comments in
This usually happens if you add a delay to a job without putting in a brief explanation. We're fixing the wording of this one soon.

Please give more information
You are declining / rejecting a job without adding a comment. We're also improving the wording of this.

Unknown sales suburb detected
We can't recognize the combination of suburb name and postcode.

If you have a quick check of Australia Post, and your information is correct, let us know and we'll add a new one.

We are generally pretty up to date and import their information regularly.

Recent sale is not currently under contract, must enter a valid date
This happens when a job has a Contract Price, but the information provided back doesn't include a Contract Date; or you haven't indicated that it is currently under contract.

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Valfirm has not accepted this job yet.

No valuer has been assigned and you are trying to send a workflow or report that is not expected at this time.

Send a WorkFlow accepted packet with valuer details.

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