TBE Builder Related Party

After some discussions with lixi and our users about Building Modification Details, we're implementing the TBE builder information in the following way.

This functionality should be available as of October 31st and on our test site as of October 18th.

Our first preference will be to look at:

First; check if //FullRegistered/BuildingModification/@RelatedEntityRef exists; and read the relevant related party.

Second; if it is unavailable, check for //Costing/Construction[@ConstructionBasis="RegisteredBuilder"]

For maximum compatibility, we suggest valuation firms implement both scenarios.

Example for TBE Dwelling / FullRegistered reports

First, our FullRegistered BuildingModification element

<BuildingModification Type="ToBeErected" TenderPrice="500000" CheckCost="Yes">
	<RelatedEntityRef RelatedID="TestBuilderId-12345"/>

Then, in the RelatedPartySegment

<RelatedParty RelPartyType="Builder">
	<Identifier UniqueID="TestBuilderId-12345" Type="ValfirmAssigned"/>
	<CompanyName BusinessName="Most Excellent Building Company"/>

Additional fields for use in Costing reports

A Costing report lets you map this even better.

<Construction ConstructionBasis="RegisteredBuilder">
   Steve Exampleton