Progress Inspections

We will be supporting ProgressInspection valuation types as of 11th November 2008. Our test site will support ProgressInspection as of October 18th 2008. We encourage valuation firms that intend to support progress inspections to begin testing against our test site.

Note that any nodes such as those under ProgressCompletionDetails may be left blank to allow schema validation to pass if we do not parse them.

LIXI Mappings for Progress Inspections

  • ProgressInspection/ConstructionProgress is sent in our request. We also parse it from valfirm's response. If no changes are required, ConstructionProgress should contain the same values as in our request.
  • ProgressInspection/ProgressCompletionDetails is NOT sent on our request. We expect it in the valfirm's response.

Builder's Invoice Provided

We look for //ResponseSupportingDoc[@DocType='Other' AND @DocAttached = 'No']/Description = "BuilderInvoice" to determine if a building invoice has been provided.

Where the Valuer selected that the Builders Invoice has been provided, it will be mandatory for the Valuer to complete all of the Report Fields.

Note that (even when a builders invoice has been selected as yes, and thus the fields are mandatory) the Cost to Complete is able to be left as $0 on a Final Inspection and a Previously Drawn is able to be left as $0 on a 1st Inspection or Final Inspection (in case that is the first time the valuer has reviewed it).

Payment Type

The payment type is determined by the service type. For progress payments, the service will be Progress Inspection. For final payments, the service will be Final Inspection.

Inspection Number

An enumeration 01..09. Inspection Number is not rendered in our reports and is purely for convenience.

We render and parse from:


Stage Completed

This is a percentage value that represents construction progress.

We render and parse from:


We set Stage to 'Final' for Final Inspections otherwise we set it to 'Other'. We do not parse from it, we instead rely on @PerCentCompleted and Comments.


Contract Price

We render to:



Previously Drawn

Funds already advanced to the borrower.

We render and parse from:


Payment Now Due

Payment required this stage by the borrower. This will become the recommended progress payment unless overwritten by the valuer.

We render to:


We parse from:


Cost to Complete

Cost to Complete is Contract Price minus Value To Date. Value to Date is a sum of Previously Drawn and Payment Now Due.

We parse from and render to:


Value to Date

Value to Date is a sum of Previously Drawn and Payment Now Due.

We parse from and render to:



Comments describing progress completion details. E.g., "final payment recommended, construction completed to a satisfactory level."

We parse from:


Unused LIXI fields

We do not use PostContractVarAmount (set to 0):


These date fields are required by the LIXI schema. It is recommended to populate these fields as we may parse them in the future.


LIXI Sample

<ProgressInspection InterestInProperty="Other" InspectionNumber="01" ValSubType="ShortForm" ReasonFor="Other">
	<SubTypeNote>Final Inspection</SubTypeNote>
	<RealEstate Status="ToBeBuilt" Construction="Yes" MortgageInsurance="No" Occupancy="OwnerPrimary" LandAreaHectares="0" Transaction="Refinancing">
		<Identifier UniqueID="Dummy_Value" Type="ValuerAssigned" />
		<Residential Type="LicencedBuilderHouseConstruction" />
		<EstimatedValue EstimateBasis="ContractPrice">250000.00</EstimatedValue>
				<Street Type="Street">Waymouth</Street>
				<State Name="SA" />
			<Title TorrensLot="Lot" TorrensPlan="Plan" IsPrimaryTitle="Yes">
				<Encumbrance Description="" EncumbranceAffectsValue="No"><Comment /></Encumbrance>
	<ConstructionProgress Stage="Final" PerCentCompleted="100" FundsRqdThisStage="50000" FundsAlreadyAdvanced="200000" ContractAmount="250000" PostContractVarAmount="0" />
	<!-- If the valuer has seen the builders invoice -->
        <ResponseSupportingDoc DocType="Other" DocAttached="No" RequestorToSight="No">
          <Identifier UniqueID="VXD-0000000000" Type="VPMAssigned"></Identifier>
	<ProgressCompletionDetails CostToDate="250000" CostToComplete="0" RecommendedProgressPayment="50000">
		<Comment>We recommend final payment</Comment>

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Changes for July 2010

We've added in builders invoice information (depicted above), and critical validation requirements if you indicate a building contract has been provided.

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