vx Namespace

We have recently extended the LIXI standard by creating a new vx namespace.

To use this namespace, simply declare the namespace as below:


You may then include nodes belonging to the vx namespace under the <xs:any namespace="##other" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" processContents="skip"/> node as documented.

Schema Validation

Features supported:


We have created a ValEx namespace to escape LIXI limitations.

The first feature of this namespace enables valuation firms to specify a delay reason ID that relates directly to how delay reasons are modeled within ValEx.

If the vx:Delay node is supplied, then it will be used in favour of standard LIXI Workflow/@DelayReason.

An example follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <-- LIXI Standard Content here -->
                <vx:Delay ReasonID="4">
                    <vx:Comment>Unit test delay comment</vx:Comment>

Delay reasons are:

ID	Reason
4	Next visit to Location
9	Request is Outside of Lender policy
13	Inspection Contacting Issues
14	Access Issues
15	Property Identification
16	Insufficient Documentation (Client/Lender/Broker to Provide)
17	Other
18	Cancellation Request
19	Request to Change Service Type
20	Fee Approval
22	Request to Change Service Type and Higher Fee Approval

Escalation Reasons

We document our escalation reasons at:


If this is not up to date, please advise us.

See also: Escalation of Service Type

Extending the LIXI standards

One problem we have encountered a number of times is the requirement to go beyond the LIXI valuation standards.

This is because the LIXI standards really do represent the most common uses; but the ValEx platform and its partners are seeking to innovate - the two goals of innovation and standards often conflict.

Consequently for the 1.4.1 version of the ValEx XSD, we are introducing a minimal change to allow much greater extensibility.

We are introducing an <xs:any namespace="##other" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" processContents="skip"/> node.

What this allows is for lixi partners to define information in a non-lixi namespace; without breaking schema validation.

For instance:

<ValuationTransaction xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
            <-- Appearing after the RelatedPartySegment or AttachmentSegment -->
            <foo:Foo>Hello! I'm a custom string, but could be any valid custom XML structure</foo:Foo>

We are strongly advocating this amongst the LIXI valuation and CAL standards group as a way to move forward with custom or proprietry requirements; whilst still remaining LIXI standard compatible.

You can preview and update to the 1.4.1 schema; which is not yet in use by the ValEx application.

PropertyCharacteristics/@YearModifed Built Additions

We now parse PropertyCharacteristics/@YearModifed to populate Built Additions. The format is: [Year] [Description]. For example:

<PropertyCharacteristics YearModified="2005 Added a second storey." ...

This will populate the below two fields in ValEx:

Rental Value Range

ValueComponent/@LikelyWeeklyUnfRental supports a range value. For example:

<ValueComponent LikelyWeeklyUnfRental="200-250" ...>

This is available as of 1st December 2010.

Street Appeal Mappings

Below is how we map values for PropertyCharacteristics/@StreetAppeal:

Excellent Excellent
VeryGood Above average for the locality
Good Good
Fair Fair
Poor Poor
Not mapped Average for the locality
Not mapped Below average for the locality
Not mapped Typical

Compliance Web Service Response Sample

A sample response from the Compliance Webservice:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="https://vxtest.valex.com.au/presentation/common/xsl/compliance.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>
        <stage name="LixiPacketTesterStage" status="warning">
                    name="Summary/Property Type" comment="Property Type"/>
                    name="Summary/Site Dimensions" comment="Site Dimensions"/>
                    name="Summary/Essential Repairs" comment="Essential Repairs"/>
                    name="Land/Property Identification" comment="Property Identification"/>
                    name="Land/Site Description &amp; Access"
                    comment="Site Description &amp; Access"/>
                    name="Land/Services" comment="Services"/>
                    name="Building/Style (Attachment)" comment="Style (Attachment)"/>
                    name="Building/Style (Type)" comment="Style (Type)"/>
                    name="Building/Style (Style)" comment="Style (Style)"/>
                    name="Building/Roof" comment="Roof"/>
                    name="Building/Accommodation" comment="Accommodation3"/>
                    name="Building/Street Appeal" comment="Street Appeal"/>
                    name="Building/Main Flooring" comment="Flooring"/>
                    name="Sales Evidence/Level of Market Activity"
                    comment="Level of Market Activity"/>
                    name="Sales Evidence/Market Direction" comment="Recent Market Direction"/>
                    name="Sales Evidence/Two Tier/Seminar Marketing"
                    comment="Two or muti-tier market?"/>
                    name="Summary/Registered Proprietor" comment="Registered Proprietor"/>
                    name="Summary/Rental (Curr.)" comment="Weekly Rental Current"/>
                    name="Value/Rec documents to sight" comment="Rec documents to sight"/>
                    name="Comments/Market Comment" comment="Market Comments"/>
        <stage name="ValexCanParseStage" status="passed">
                <check id="ValexParser" name="Can xml be parsed"
                    comment="Packet can at least be parsed by ValEx"/>
        <stage name="CriticalValidationCheckDeliveryStage" status="failed">
                <check id="InspectionFoundCheck" name="Inspection Found Check"
                    comment="No inspection found."/>
                <check id="AuthorisingSignatureCheck" name="Authorising Signature Check"
                    comment="Authorising signature/valuer not selected; or not sufficiently qualified or certified to co-sign this report"/>
                <check id="SalesFoundCheck" name="Sales Found Check"
                    comment="market activity not found, market direction not found"/>
                <check id="SecuritisationDetailCheck" name="Securitisation Detail Check"
                    comment="No client specific details found for  in the Securitisation section - &lt;strong&gt;contact your valfirm&lt;/strong&gt; to correct this issue"/>
                <check id="EstimatedSellingPeriodCheck" name="Estimated Selling Period Check"
                    comment="Estimated Selling Period not found"/>
                <check id="AutoSpecificPropertyCommentsCheck" name="Additional Comments Check"
                    comment="Additional comments should not contain more than 2 #s (hash characters) in a row"
                <check id="ValuerAccreditationCheck" name="Valuer Accreditation Check"
                    comment="Valuer is accredited."/>
                <check id="ValuerSignatureCheck" name="Valuer Signature Check" comment=""/>
                <check id="CancellationPendingCheck" name="Cancellation Pending Check" comment=""/>
                <check id="SalesFromTheFutureCheck" name="Sales From The Future Check" comment=""/>
                <check id="SalesEvidenceSuburbCheck" name="Sales Evidence Suburb Check" comment=""/>
                <check id="ValueDetailCheck" name="Value Detail Check" comment=""/>
                <check id="RiskDetailCheck" name="Risk Detail Check" comment=""/>
                <check id="PhotoFoundCheck" name="Photo Found Check" comment="Documents found"/>
                <check id="ReportIntegrityCheck" name="Report Integrity Check" comment=""/>
                <check id="MarketRiskCheck" name="Market Risk Check" comment=""/>
                <check id="ExtendedSellingPeriodMarketRiskCheck"
                    name="Extended Selling Period Market Risk Check"
                    comment="The answer you have given for the estimated selling period on the value tab does not match the answer you have given for the extended selling period on the market risk tab."
        <stage name="ValidationCheckDeliveryStage" status="warning">
                <check id="InspectionFoundCheck" name="Inspection Found Check"
                    comment="No inspection found."/>
                <check id="SalesFoundCheck" name="Sales Found Check"
                    comment="market activity not found, market direction not found"/>
                <check id="BuildingDetailCheck" name="Building Detail Check"
                    comment="Roof, Floor, need at least 3 room types, need at least 10 words in Fixtures and Features"/>
                <check id="LandDetailCheck" name="Land Detail Check"
                    comment="Indentified By, at least 4 words in Site Description"/>
                <check id="SummaryDetailCheck" name="Summary Detail Check" comment="Proprietor"/>
                <check id="SecuritisationDetailCheck" name="Securitisation Detail Check"
                    comment="No client specific details found for  in the Securitisation section - &lt;strong&gt;contact your valfirm&lt;/strong&gt; to correct this issue"/>
                <check id="CommentDetailCheck" name="Comment Detail Check"
                    comment="You need to enter more market comments"/>
                <check id="SalesFromTheFutureCheck" name="Sales From The Future Check" comment=""/>
                <check id="ValueDetailCheck" name="Value Detail Check" comment=""/>
                <check id="RiskDetailCheck" name="Risk Detail Check" comment=""/>
        <stage name="ComplianceCheckDeliveryStage" status="passed"/>

Sales Evidence

By the end of April 2011, ValEx will change its SalesEvidence comparison comment mapping behaviour.

Currently, we examine both @OverallComparability and a //Description, joining the two together in a single textual comment.

Moving forward, we'll be storing @OverallComparability seperately.

Please ensure your user interfaces prompt valuers to input both.

Transaction Type

To set the transaction type, use RealEstate/@Transaction. The options available are Purchasing and Refinancing.

Hint: Purchasing or Refinancing?

When sending through a contract price, "Purchasing" is normally selected, while an estimated market value is usually paired with "Refinancing". See: Estimated Market Value and Contract Price.

Future Support

We are currently limited by the LIXI standard in supporting only Purchasing and Refinancing. We may extend the LIXI standard in the future with a vx:TransactionType node. If this is high priority for you, please let us know.

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