Changes to Delay Reasons

Please be advised that as of 23 February 2009 we will require a Delay Reason to be sent with any Delay workflow.

Please also note that our Delay Reasons will also be modified slightly.

Estimated Selling Period / Estimated Settlement

NOTE: The following article has now been DEPRECATED - please refer to the article on Expected Selling Period


LIXI 1.4.3

The new version of the LIXI standard defines an EstimatedSettlement element.

For a while now, we have have been capturing Expected Selling Period under the Value tab of reports. This is also rendered in our reports under the Additional Comments.

Screenshot of Expected Selling Period

We accept:

  • //FullRegistered/ValueComponent/EstimatedSettlement
  • //FullRegistered/ValueComponent/EstimatedSettlement/Duration[@Length] as an int.
  • //FullRegistered/ValueComponent/EstimatedSettlement/Duration[@Unit="Months"]

When we translate your integer to our enumeration; we use the following translation: for months <= 3, we assume a selling period of 3 months. Months 4-6, we assume a selling period of 6 months. Otherwise, we assume greater than 6 months.

To enter a comment, we will continue to read //ExpectedSellingPeriodComment as below.

This method was for LIXI 1.3, and an alternative is now present in LIXI 1.5

In our 1.3 series schema, we looked for:

  • //FullRegistered/ValueComponent/ExpectedSellingPeriodComment
  • //FullRegistered/ValueComponent/@ExpectedSellingPeriodInMonths as an enumeration of:
    • 0-2
    • 3-6
    • Over6

If the estimated selling period is greater than 3 months, an ExpectedSellingPeriodComment should be provided.

XSD Published - 1.3.3 Changes

We've made a number of changes to our xsd so that we can accept new data for populating the report. This should fix up a number of fields that valuation firms we're not previously able to populate via LIXI. Check out the attached schema below.

Property Identification


This sotres how the valuer identified the property. If it is blank it will default too "The property has been identified with reference to street address only"

We've altered our XSD to add in a number of fields that are needed on the valuation report but are not currently catered for by the LIXI standard. Detailed below are the changes

Interest In Property


We've now reverted back to the lixi standard of having an enumerated list except with the addition of "CrownLeashold and Subject to long term lease"
Currently we convert just the following types

  • FeeSimpleInPossession
  • CrownLeasehold
  • SubjectToLongTermLease
  • SharesInCompany



We need to be able to describe whether the house is semi-attached, detached or attached.

Style Description


Stores information to be appended to the property description. Examples could be "Low Set", "High Set", "High Set, Two story", "22nd Floor Appartment", "Three Story".

The other following minor changes we're changed:
InterestInProperty is changed to match LIXI Standard, but this should not affect the parsing or validation of any packets.

Short downtime

We have to make a configuration change to our production environment. See this news article for details.

Resolved issue: Appointment times

Due to a mistake in refactoring, assigned WorkFlow packets containing valuer information and no appointment information would default to adding an appointment for the current date.

This is now resolved in production.

Upcoming release

We're nearing the testing phase of our latest work on our LIXI webservices.

We plan to implement a number of features including:

  • Sending status updates (Assigned, Delay, Inspected)
  • Receiving requests from clients
  • Enabling valuation firm responses to go to clients via SOAP
  • More end user documentation for external parties
  • Ability to provide better validation / error information to external parties automatically

We also are hoping to resolve

  • Outgoing valuation requests are duplicated sometimes
  • More robust parsing of RelatedParty / job contacts
  • Issues with adding delays
  • Assorted issues with parsing valuation responses

We'll be communicating further with more specific information as our release date draws closer.

Updated XSD

The new updated XSD can be found in the attachments under the valfirm guide.

  • MarketActivity, MarketDirection, and MultiTierMarket attributes from FullRegistered have been removed.
  • EssentialRepairs attribute has been added to RiskAnalysis
  • Comment element has been added to SalesMarket

Getting my account setup

To send or receive work from Valuation Exchange by any of our web services; you need to be able to login to our application.

If you don't have a login, let us know

Welcome to

Welcome to

This site is currently in development and we will be constantly improving the documentation that's available. Our plans for this site are:

  • Step by step guides for valfirms and clients
  • Code Samples
  • Complete XML examples
  • FAQ

We have two guides up so far for clients and valfirms with xml examples.

As for questions either Email Us or ask in the Forum.

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