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New workflow for Valuation Firms - In Progress

We've added the ability to understand In Progress workflow from Valuation Firms.

You can now add Appointments via this packet, and also remove all Delays from a Job - this is more in line with LIXI's specified behaviour.

There is no requirement for Valuation Firms to implement this new workflow at this time.

Sample Valuation Responses

Tip: Validate your data against the XSD

Having trouble interacting with our test site? Keep getting an ominous 'error code 5'?

Consider adding unit tests which do XSD validation, or pre-checking your packets prior to sending against an XSD.

Recommended reading:

Suburbs & Validation

ValEx has some pretty extensive listings for available suburbs. If you've logged in to our system, you've probably encountered our 'type to find suburb' controls.

If you're wondering where we get our data from, we base it off of data from Australia Post.

This means that any suburb which meets certain criteria is guaranteed to be in our database. This also means our system can be a little bit fussy about available suburbs.

LIXI data which contains seemingly incorrect suburb data will generate an error email, with any matches available in our system listed and some suggested links to helpful resources.

We recommend organizations consider some implementing some basic validation (ie, a listing of suburbs and postcodes from Australia Post) before submitting any lixi packets.

PropertyCharacteristics, MainBuildingComments, and Rooms

In response XML we allow the number of bedrooms and bathrooms for the front page of the report to be sent through as:


However we no longer automatically populate these into the accommodation comments field of the main building section of the report.

We require firms to send us bedroom and bathroom information within the accommodation comments field and we will ensure we do not replicate this information from the numbers entered above.

The entire accommodation comments will need to be sent through in:


Quotes in outbound valuation requests

We're happy to announce that we're now rendering the panelled fee from our system.

A job is ordered, then allocated to a valuation firm - at this point an automatic quote is obtained.
This quote information has typically been pre-agreed with our Panel coordinator and your valuation firm.

We're now sending out the initial quote with the valuation request.

You can find it in the FeeSegment - \\FeeSegment\Fee[@Amount].

Please note: At this time, if the quote is updated in ValEx, we won't issue any notification or workflow.

If your users find the quoted amount is incorrect, the first point of contact is the Valuation Exchange administration department.

Service Level Agreements & Due dates

We use a SLA system which is based on a 2 business day turnaround for metropolitan jobs, and 3 business days for regional jobs.

We publish the pre-calculated deadline in our valuation requests to valuation firms.

You can find it in the \\RequestedPriority section.

The calculated deadline for the job
The urgency of the job.

Delays, weekends, public holidays, and times outside of business hours are excluded from the calculated turnaround of the job - so if a delay is added to a job after the valuation request has been sent, the deadline may shift.

We do not currently publish workflow to valuation firms, which would contain amended deadline information.

Report type

We have a field for a non lixi standard option of report type in our latest schema (attached).

The location is \\FullRegistered[@ReportType] and has the following options:

  • Dwelling
  • Unit
  • VacantLand
  • TBE-Dwelling
  • TBE-Unit
  • VacantLand-WM
  • Multiple-Dwelling
  • TBE-Multiple-Dwelling
  • Residential-Development

Note: While we parse from a valfirm's valuation response, we'll never render this out to our clients.

VacantLand-WM is "Vacant Land, with minor improvements"

LIXI packet tester and xpaths

For valfirms looking to get on board, we now have a simple packet tester.

For the moment just does 3 page reports. Paste the payload of a packet in, and press 'Check'. It will give you a series of XPaths the packet is missing and the field it relates to in Valex.

Note it doesn't perfectly handle odd characters and such, unfortunately at the moment this include "&", so don't paste them in.

The current XPaths the LIXI packet tester uses for a Three Page Report are attached in CSV format.

Please note filling in information that passes this packet tester is not proof that your packet is correct, just that it has most of the required nodes and attributes.

Steps to switch your valuation firm on...

We're bringing on more and more valuation firms, so we thought we'd best publish a quick checklist of requirements.

There are two major milestones in bringing on a valuation firm. The first is we send you a job, and your staff still complete the job in ValEx; the second is you return a full response.

Generally we'll:

To Receive Valuation Requests

  1. Set up your company on our test environment
  2. Send a number of requests
  3. Confirm all details are correctly transferred to your system
  4. Once happy, we'll repeat the above steps on our respective production environments

To Respond to Valuation Requests

  1. Set up your company on our test environment (as above)
  2. Send a number of requests
  3. Expect an Accepted workflow
  4. Expect an Assigned workflow
  5. Expect a Delayed workflow
  6. Expect an Inspected workflow
  7. Expect an Declined workflow
  8. Expect a full valuation response (API Shortform report)
  9. Repeat the above steps until we're ready
  10. Once happy, we'll repeat the above steps on our respective production environments

Help! It's all gone wrong

We know that programming can go slightly askew at the best of times, and ask that all valuation firms have a solid plan for rolling back their system.

If you end up with a problem, you can simply contact us and we'll disable your webservice connection.

I don't have a test environment!

We're aware that a lot of smaller companies may not have the same resources as us - however, we're extremely reluctant to enable anyone on our production systems without proper testing.

If you have difficulty with setting up a test environment, you need to let us know details ahead of time.

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